Friday, February 17, 2012

the hunger games: review

I'm breathless. Amazed. Eager to head out and buy book 2. Only it's 11 pm and no book sellers are open at this time. I have just - for the first time in I don't know how long - eagerly devoured a book in one day (less than a day, actually) and if I thought I could find the second one tonight, I would. 

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When I first heard about Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games last summer it was from STG, who had just picked up a copy The Boy left at his house. They had both really enjoyed the story, but they both have very different tastes than I. And, it's a young adult novel - surely beneath my snobbish reading tastes. HA!

But I kept hearing about it. It kept making suggested reading lists. Other voracious readers consumed it. And, I knew I had to read it before the movie comes out next month. So I picked it up in Vancouver yesterday, thinking I'd begin it on today's ferry ride home. 

Wow. Did I mention wow? Fantasy, but in a restrained, recognizable world. Some of the most intriguing, complex, human characters I've ever met. An unrelenting edge-of-your-seat plot. Freedom from hyperbole. Blood you can taste. Fear you can hear. Feelings as confusing as any teen - or adult for that matter - can experience.

When I get up tomorrow. I will be getting book 2 of this trilogy. And if you don't hear from me for the rest of the weekend, it's because I've also found book 3. 

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