Tuesday, March 27, 2012

fingers crossed, for 23 + reasons

So, STG are in the process of creating our first home together, and here in stream-of-consciousness order are 23 things I'm excited about - and although it's not official official yet, some of this is very much based on the house we're crossing our fingers & toes to lease:
  1. No more creeper landlord and his girlfriend hanging out on their balcony watching everyone who comes in and out of the building
  2. No more $8/load laundry and/or hauling laundry to SC2 or STG as needed
  3. No more coming home to a hallway that reeks of bad weed and worse incense
  4. No more hearing the drunks waiting for the elevator outside my door every weekend night
  5. No more stepping over cigarette butts and gobs of spit in the entry way 
  6. No more living in a fish bowl that looks straight out onto a main arterial *actually, the house we're most interested in is on a main arterial, but set back from the road by a lovely treed yard, and above street level
  7. No more compromising on whose house to stay at - the one with no roommate, or the one with the better bed
  8. ALWAYS getting to sleep in the better bed
  9. Having a yard
  10. Having a vegetable garden
  11. Having flower beds
  12. Having a front stoop to sit on in the summer
  13. Having a back patio for BBQs and reading in the sun
  14. Having a dish washer for the first time since 1998
  15. Saving a couple hundred dollars a month on housing costs 
  16. Putting those saving into a travel fund
  17. Roasting marshmallows in our wood-burning fireplace
  18. Sitting in the living room writing while listening to STG play with the bikes downstairs
  19. Being across the road from a regional bike trail
  20. Having a spacious, bright, sunny kitchen
  21. Having room for friends - dirty bikers and otherwise - to drop by, BBQ, and tell stories
  22. Having the life I pictured when I moved to Victoria 
  23. And most of all, even if the fireplace and the sunny kitchen don't happen, getting to share it all with STG
Scintilla Prompt (I have some Scintilla catching up to do)

  • Write a list of 23


  1. Replies
    1. We got it!! Thanks for the extra bit of luck from your wishes. :)


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