Thursday, March 22, 2012

she likes to get down, she likes to boogie

I'm a mom, so I understand that we have, as people, a tendency not to see our moms as independent people with their own lives. I know my sons don't see me for who I am. And I know that I generally see my mom in relation to who she is for me. 

She was the enforcer in our household. She was the all-knowing secretary at my high school. She was the book keeper for our church. She was always staunchly my mom. But there's a time when she becomes a whole different person - her full self - and I love every glimpse of it. 

My mom is a fantastic dancer. I've always known she liked to dance, she used to tell my sisters and I stories about sneaking out to school dances her parents wouldn't allow her to attend. But I never actually saw her dance until I was in my 30's. We are not a family that, when I was younger, had dances at our weddings. And where else would a little girl see her mom flutter across the floor? 

Gladly, that has all changed. And last year at my beautiful cousin's wedding, my mom transformed to the beat of pop music from Mom/Grandma to Patsy May - dancing, smiling, light hearted and light footed. 

She may kill me for posting this picture. But it makes me smile every time I see it. 
PS - Don't call her Patsy May ... only her baby brother and my dad get away with that. 
Scintilla Prompt Day ??
Talk about a time when you saw your mother or father as a person independent of his or her identity as your parent.


  1. I love how full of life she looks! What a beautiful woman.

    1. Thanks, C - I do have high hopes to look that good at 69 :)

  2. SUCH a perfect moment! I'll never forget, or cease to look forward to, watching my Mom and her sisters boogie down at a family wedding. You can catch glimpses of them as teenagers. :)

    1. Isn't that so fun, Noel! Thanks for commenting.


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