Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Few morning’s dawn so full of life and promise as Christmas morning. We were a household of adults bounding eagerly from our slumbers this morning, and yet bound we did. To stockings full of sweet and handy surprises. To shared delight and curiosity ‘what did you get’ asked repeatedly, even from those who stuffed the stockings.

And then, what next. Time for breakfast, or straight on to presents? Presents it is. Slower now, paying attention to one and then the other. Flipping through the new world presented in a book. Trying on the lightly lacey scarf. Assembling a new bike repair stand ‘just to see how it works.’

We were a household of adults, transmuted to children by stacks of waffles and bacon. By hot fragrant stewed apples. By the joy of the day shared, and maybe even by silly hats.


  1. Best way to be! My inner kid came out today too! My brothers and sister and I acted like we were ten years old again. Driving my mother nuts in the process. -Just like old times. :)

    1. Ha - that sounds like fun. I didn't get to revert family style until the day after Christmas, but it was such a treat to spend Christmas with someone who gets right into it like I do. Congratulations on letting your kid come out to play! :)


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