Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I suppose as mythological birds go, a phoenix is alright. I don’t really get that inspired by them though. Maybe I’m just tired of the whole re-birth thing - tired of dusting myself off, dragging my singed tail feathers out of the ashes, and starting all over again.

It’s Boxing Day. The un-holiday-est of holidays, and just 5 days until a New Year, and all I want is a big glass of wine and a little peace and quiet. Today I identify much more with a waddling penguin – or maybe a dodo bird – than I do a phoenix.

And yet, I know that in just a few days I will rise up again. After a little break from the festivities, and maybe even, God willing, a little quiet, there I’ll be, plumage and all, ready to take on 2013.

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