Thursday, December 13, 2012

no time

I LOVE Christmas - not just the deeper meaning that means so much to me, but all of the mayhem as well. I could shop early, but I LOVE the frustration of a packed mall. I actually look forward to the busyness - the decorating, the extra baking, the events, getting together with friends and family. 

When you work for a charity, Christmas is an amazing time - you get to see the best of people, you get to give people the blessing of being a blessing, and really there is no better gift I could give. I get tired, yes, but it's mostly a happy tired and I know it's a time-limited demand on me.  

And then, sometimes something interrupts all of that. Something like a sputtering car that leaves me sitting quietly with BB1 while STG comes to rescue us. An interruption that leads to cancelling my evening plans and staying in. Making a quickie dinner while BB1 puts his 'special' ornaments on the tree. Retelling again the stories of where they came from. His current favourite is the fat terra cotta penguin his grandparents brought back from Mexico last year. It's a tree full of love. And now I'm sitting alone, watching tv, blogging, and enjoying having the house to myself. 

I like being busy. And sometimes I like a good reason to stop and smell the Christmas tree. 

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