Friday, January 25, 2013


It started with an advertisement. Or two advertisements, to be precise: 
Pick me – I’m awesome. I love bikes, and stuff and ... some other awesome things, but mostly bikes. When I’m not awesome, I stop and remember to be awesome again. 
Pick me – I’m bright and bubbly and smart and sassy. I love music, and words, and general awesomeness. 
And we did. I picked him, and he picked me, and here we are two years later. I’m a sucker for great marketing – a well designed wine label, a catchy advertising jingle, an inspired window display. In another life I’d be a marketing guru. Or maybe in a previous life I was Peggy Olson, but with better morals.

I’m a sucker for great marketing ... and I'm oh so good with that. 

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