Saturday, January 26, 2013


I almost hate to admit it, what with all my posts of year-round flowers and being an escaped northern girl, but I’ve really been missing the snow this year. I miss waking up to that particular quality of silence only a new blanket of snow provides. I miss snow days - and their pretence that you can’t go out, when really it’s just a great excuse to stay in. 

I miss catching snowflakes on my tongue, bringing snow creatures to life on the lawn, sledding and skiing and that that first tentative step that mars a pristine world. I miss lobbing a soggy ball at a loved one, and squealing in terror when they return the favour. And I miss warming up afterwards, with my toes curled under and my hands wrapped round a mug of cocoa.

When STG and I visited Shiny this summer, we did it with an eye to seeing if life over the mountains was a life we could live together. I remember living there and the feeling of isolation in the winter – of being nearly cut off from the world be treacherous mountain passes. 

But now, in my bone-wearniness, that isolation has its own appeal. Especially when we’d be in such comforting company.


  1. I envy snow people. You know, the ones that actually get to experience the real kind, versus the tease we get from Mother Nature, in Houston. Perhaps one day, I'll make it to a snow infused city and revel in the snow! :)

    1. Well, if we move back to the interior, I'll be sure to let you know & you can come visit. ;-)


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