Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I try. I really do. But time and time again, what I see when I look through the camera is not at all what comes out when I download the pictures. It was better when I used my film camera – each precious frame had to be a winner, since each frame was bought and paid for, and would cost even more to develop. I choose carefully, and still discarded too many precious moments. 

I see so much beauty in the world. I wish I had a visual way to translate that. I keep trying. But mostly, I know that my talent is in painting with words. Perhaps it’s time to accept that. Perhaps, even, to celebrate that.

[NO PHOTO ... 


  1. Celebrate it babe, some of us are not as gifted when it comes to the written word...or heck even the words we say with our mouths (sigh, can't think of the word for that).

    1. Sorry, Babe, what are you trying to say? ;-)


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