Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I bet there are a few people out there – the ones who are in on the joke – who thought I was going to write about the puzzle Shiney sent me for my birthday. And while it is quite a ... um ... what's the word ... ah,  special puzzle, there’s another puzzle that seems to be stuck in my brain. This puzzle is more along the lines of ‘why don’t I do the things I know I should and sometimes even want to do to have the life/body I long for?’

I know I’m not alone in this. At all. And, let me reiterate once again for those who forget – I’m deeply grateful for the amazing life I do have. But, that nagging question continues to echo. Where’s the passion? Where’s that unique piece that all the other pieces fit into and around? 

That’s the puzzle that needs solving. I’m too much a child of the 80’s to be interested in going off and ‘finding myself.’ I’m right here. I just wonder which couch cushion my missing piece is hiding under.

So ... this is the original image of the puzzle Shiney sent
me "Soul of the Unicorn." Thanks, Shine. And by 'Thanks'
I really mean "I'll get you back," XO 

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