Saturday, February 23, 2013


Like my mom and BB1, I’m a fish. I love the water. To be in a lake or a warm ocean is a pure joy for me. Swimming pools are okay, but I’m happiest in wild water. I’ve paddled kayaks and dragon boats, played in the surf, and splashed along the beach. But no matter how happy I am on, in and near the water, I never lose my healthy respect for it.

Life is much like the water. It’s great to take life on – to play full out, splash around, take chances, try new things. And, when the tide turns, or unseen under-currents threaten, it’s important to know my limits. This has been a winter of sitting on the shore watching the waves crash. It’s time now to get back out in the swirl and splash around again.


  1. beautiful picture. i love the ocean. it calms me, helps clear my head, lets me dream. -i'm ready to ride waves again, too!

    1. Thanks, Yvonne. We sometimes think of moving, but I'm not sure how I'd feel being far from the ocean again. It is so restorative.


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