Sunday, February 24, 2013


I was going to take a break from the prompts today and just write, but then I saw this prompt in the list and did a little shuffling so I can stay on track and also say what there is to say.

Twice this week something I blogged upset people in my life who matter to me. They were, of course, misunderstandings. There is no way that I would ever purposefully write – and publish – something hurtful, and I would have thought that people who know me would know that. That they don’t know that is another issue. And yet, there it was – misunderstanding that ended up hurting people twice in one week. So I did something last night that I have never done in 11 years of blogging – I deleted a post.

I blog as a writing exercise and as an outlet. For me the blog is a place where I connect with other writers, breathe on that flickering ember of writer alive in me, and work out some of the darker spots of life that somehow get clearer when typed out in black and white.

Sometimes I write from my life; sometimes I riff on a theme or a word; sometimes I review books because what I read is as important to my writing as what I write. Always, I blog from my own perspective and my own experience about myself.

My blog matters to me only in so far as I can write whatever there is for me to right without censoring myself. I promise to write responsibly, and I insist on writing honestly. 

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