Sunday, November 10, 2013


After 12 years of blogging, I feel like maybe I'm done. I think about it a lot and have many ideas, but I swallow the words down before they get out into the world. It's not just content that been holding me back - it's the bigger picture:

  • If I'm going to keep calling myself a writer, I need to write elsewhere, not spend my writing currency on a meaningless blog. I need a structure and a plan and the space and time and energy to give to it.
  • What would I have to change in my life to have the energy and juice to really start writing again? 
  • My blog as it currently exists is narcissistic - no one is interested in my writings about me - I need to find a niche
  • A blog can't be all book reviews, yet the personal stuff is ... done, unsafe, uninteresting
  • Should I just shut it down? Should I relaunch as something more focused? What could I write about that would actually keep me interested, not to mention feed an audience something nourishing? 
I'm not the only navel gazer out there. 

There are 13 draft posts sitting waiting in the background for completion. Several of them are book reviews, some are just the beginning of ideas, a couple are drafted but don't seem like the good idea they were when I wrote them. Every couple days I'll think of something I want to say, then change my mind. The statements are things I should be saying to people in my life; the questions are ones only I can answer. Nothing's wrong, per se, but things don't fit right. 

And ... I'm exhausted. Bone tired. Worn out to the core. I think constantly about running away - about reading in front of a fireplace with a dog curled at my feet, about hours and days and weeks of quiet and comfort and space. I am taking a beach vacation in three weeks - 7 all-inclusive sandy, sunny, relaxing days with my sister and our parents. Already I think it won't be enough, but it is what I can afford in time and money.  

Maybe it's the time of year. Maybe it's the time of life. 



  1. I completely relate. Sounds like you're going through a time of metamorphosis. It's uncomfortable and unsettling, but it means that you've outgrown certain things. The good news is that something exciting is definitely on the other side of this! I still do want to meet up with you, but I have a feeling that it'll work out better if we meet on non-work days (for both of us).

    All that to say that I endorse your metamorphosis!

    1. Thank you, Renée, for that beautiful framing. Yes, metamorphosis always results in something stronger, something beautiful. It's the shedding of the old that's ... less lovely. :)

      Yes, let's meet soon. :)


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