Tuesday, April 22, 2014


It's an image anyone who has been around a while has seen a number of times - the author as a young girl, windswept, safe against the mountain air in a vibrant pink sweater, eyes closed, golden skinned, a beatific smile upon her face.

She's an image that calls to me. She's a touchstone of who I am or, at the least, of who I was at one point and would like to be again. The image captures both a moment in time, and a way of being. I gauge my life by how far away that girl seems to me - by how tightly wound my hair is, how tired my skin, how missing that dimpled smile.

There is freedom in that girl. A sense of both adventure and security that I feel neither of in recent days. Life has somehow been tamed, shrunken, and made less comfortable. I crave the mountain top, the wind-swept, the wild.

I have come very late to Kat McNally's wonderful Spring mind cleanse, April Moon.

I may not have time to catch up on all the prompts, but appreciate the opportunity to reflect each day on Kat's one-word meditations.


  1. Simply beautiful: both the words and the image.
    She is you. Always. x

    1. Thank you, Kat. :) I try to hold her in front of me for guidance.

  2. I'm late to the game, too, but figure it is all absolutely perfect. :-)

    I know this girl in the sweater, intimately. In fact, part of my blog post about "wild" is to her and to the rest of us... check it out if you would like...

    1. Thanks for visiting, Julie, and for your encouraging words.


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