Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hello, Ducky

When I was but a wee lassie - not younger than 4, but not older than 7 - my parents took a weekend trip to Jasper National Park (♥), including a visit to the Miette Hot Springs (HIGHLY RECOMMEND!). In bringing back souveniers for their three little girls at home they looked not to the clichéd stacks of T-shirts or useless little spoons, and instead found the three sweetest egg cups in the world: a hen chick, a duckling and a bunny.

I don't know if I'd have learned to love soft-boiled eggs if it weren't for the pleasure of eating them out of my ducky egg cup. For me the pleasure of dipping a crisp, buttery toast soldier into a gooey bright yellow yolk instantly evokes feelings of not just nostalgia but being nourished and nurtured ... and playing with my food.

I recently discovered (thanks to MTW) the absolute heaven that is the Silly-Yak Bakery's GF Italian Herb bread, and this morning it gave two slices to the cause of Italian Herb toast soldiers and a (slightly under-cooked) soft-boiled egg. It went FAST! I'm not even sure how much I tasted. It's been more than 5 years since I had a soft-boiled egg, because eating them without toast seemed akin to going to Disneyland but not being allowed on the rides. And clearly I couldn't wait.

A glass of cranberry juice. A cup of fresh fruit. And I'm in Sunday morning heaven. Thanks, Little Ducky.

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