Sunday, January 10, 2010

love at first blog

I - loquacious, communicative, garrulous, ebullient I - am near wordless with excitement. Shiney Shan, the Shan of Shans, the best of all best friends, has joined the blogosphere:!

I am at once thrilled, and impressed and slightly intimidated. The girl has chops - mom chops, reading chops, intelligence chops, domestic goddess chops, wife chops and great big engaging writing chops. Her first post is a delight of whimsy and literary allusion and domestic reality. It's charming and real and intelligent, just like Shan.

For those few people who haven't already hear me sing her praises, Shan has been my best friend since I was 4. She's the one person in the world I can say ANYTHING to and know it wn't make a single drop of difference in her love for me. She makes me laugh at myself. She watches out for me, encourages me, inspires me and gives me hope and clarity and perspective. While most people think it's the longevity of our friendship that is remarkable, for me it's the depth of Shan's wisdom, generosity and love that moves me.

I'm not one for regret, but if I could I'd go back in time and change one thing I'd ask my dad to take more picture of us riding Diamond D (Shan's horse) and running away to the thicket behind our houses, and ... well ... being little girls. But, since time travel isn't going to work, we'll have to do with a grainy group shot from 1978, and side-by-side blogging.

I love you, Shiney - welcome to the blogosphere!

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