Friday, January 8, 2010

Want to share in my guilty pleasure?

One of my favourite and long-term guilty pleasures (and with thanks always to PolarCanuck for the introduction) is the celebrity fashion blog GoFugYourself. FugGirls Heather and Jessica have an uncommon and delightful combination of savage wit, fashion sense and good grammar that has kept me coming back to their blog for years - probably since before I even realised it was a blog.

Recently the FugGirls, as they call themselves, have introduced more interactivity to their posts, including a weekly call for submissions they call "Freaky Fug Friday." They post a picture of a celebrity in a particularly awful getup and invite readers to send in write-ups about it, usually in the form of a particular poetry form (haiku have been a popular one, and I always love the 'change the lyrics' games).

This week's FFF entry calls for a MadLib, and to make it particularly MAD I though I'd enlist your help. You provide the following parts of speech, and I'll include them in my submission:
  • PLURAL NOUN (x2)
  • ADJECTIVE (x6)
  • NOUN (x4)
  • VERB (x4)


  1. VERBS

  2. This is the result - nonsensical, but there ya go. :)

    "You don't need fences or shiney horses
    Pretty sycophants that swim very shyly
    You know they never last, no no.
    What you need is a fancy black bus
    To stretch you to your lavendar home
    Make you feel like a cat on a pyjama
    Make Queen Elizabeth smile you 'til you can't steal"


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