Thursday, January 14, 2010

A sextant, a compass and an open sea

So, I've spent some time the last few days investigating the various ports calling me to steer my vessel (yes, I am going to beat that metaphor to death - thanks for asking :P) and with "where am I going" in mind today I fell down an e-rabbit hole and found Hugh Macleod - master satirical cartoonish and creativity wise guy.

I especially love this particular piece:

Hugh (or should I call him Macleod?) has a recently published 'secrets of creative success' book entitled Ignore Everybody that I think I'll look for in my favourite local independent bookseller and peruse on the beaches of Mexico. Nobody said beach reading couldn't inspire you to take on your life, right?

Just a few days in, I'm really excited about unfurling my sails. I see some immediate actions to take. And I've been working on my portfolio - not just developing new writing ideas, but also realising how much I've already written (I'd forgotten the things I've had published) and how much is just waiting to be shared.

More coming soon. Going to sleep on it.

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