Thursday, January 14, 2010

Things I ♥ Thursdays

In week 2 of doing things I love, I stumbled upon a real treat. My favourite regional coffee house Serious Coffee has finally started serving gluten free treats. These particular delights come from the Laughing Daughters bakery on Salt Spring Island. And one of the things I got to do this week was enjoy their delicious, rich, chewy gingersnap while drinking a steamy hot coffee and watching the world ebb and flow from the shop.

What else did I get to do this week that I ♥?
  • sushi, and then more sushi!
  • small group meeting - you guys are AWESOME!
  • going out for dinner
  • making dinner at home (best cod fillets ever!)
  • fake tanning - no really. I know it sounds horrible and trés Jersey Shore but those 4 minutes in the sun tank are the most peaceful minutes of my day. And after 6 visits I'm no longer burning every time, and have turned from a bluish pink white to a yellowish white. Another week and I might actually have some sort of a skin colour by the time I leave for Mexico. Wouldn't want to be used as a landing beacon on the beach ... again. ;-)

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