Saturday, September 17, 2011

am so

I said a while back in the Trust 30 posts that I'd start breaking down into eatable chunks the elephant that is finishing my novel. I have indeed been working on that, as well as a new non-fiction project. Somedays it feels like jogging in mud, but somedays I hit a river of clarity and it flows. The balance is encouraging.

I shared an older snippet in that July post, and I figured maybe I'd update you and share something from what I've been working on recently ... just for fun. And because I really like it - it kinda makes me giggle:
She broke suddenly. The overwhelming weight of his absence, hidden so long behind the shroud of his silence, did her in. It started with a quiet influx of air, and then a giant whooshing engulfed all she had thought she was, sweeping violently across the floor, removing his tattered, fart-smelling futon, the furry dog bed, the stain where she'd spilled her wine kissing him. It turned out, once the space dried and healed, she hadn't been swept away at all ... she'd just been cleaning the house some.
So ya. That's all I really wanted to say. Just in case you were wondering, what with all the super dramatic naval-gazey posts of late - yes, I am writing - I'm not as far on the novel as I said, but I had to get the non-fiction stuff out of my head. And I'm working. And I'm trying now and then to have a life.

But ya. I'm writing. And it feels good.

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